Christine Pelosi for DNC


As a longtime grassroots organizer, elected Democratic National Committeewoman, and outspoken 2016 Electoral College member, Christine Pelosi is running for DNC Executive Committee on an emPOWER agenda to reform and revive our Democratic Party:


1. PROMOTE people-powered politics through a BAN on corporate donations and on corporate lobbyists serving as DNC chair-appointed, at-large members in favor of empowering DIVERSE grassroots Democrats so that more voices can be heard;

2. ORGANIZE our DNC 50-state strategy with state-based staff REQUIRED to perform coalition building with Democrats and nonpartisan groups from labor to faith to veterans to LGBTQ to immigrants to ALL constituency communities so that we train the next generation of leaders and collectively take the fight to Trump’s GOP every day and everywhere;

3. WORK to democratize our presidential nominating process by ending superdelegates’ capacity to trump the will of the voters and by reforming our calendar, caucuses, and convention to maximize participation;

4. EXPAND Party outreach by dedicating DNC staff to Member services, caucuses, councils, and committees; and

5. REVIVE our connection to the American people by establishing a DNC ARTISTS COUNCIL to defend the First Amendment and engage communities through the arts.

Read Christine’s resolutions submitted for consideration by the Democratic National Committee for the February 2017 Meeting in Atlanta, GA.



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