As a lifelong little-d democrat, my service is rooted in grassroots community organizing and public advocacy.

COVID is taking a very heavy mental and economic toll on women, especially essential workers in BIPOC communities.

We must address systemic racism and institutional sexism in order to move from pandemic and recession

into recovery and healing.

It is vital now, more than ever, for us to come together as champions for women everywhere. 

Now is our time to Build Back Better - and that means nurturing a society where everyone can reach their full human potential. Let's do it together.


Christine Pelosi

Attorney, Author, and Advocate


Meet Christine

My name is Christine Pelosi, and I am running for DNC Executive Committee. I am an attorney, author, and lifetime advocate serving as counsel for We Said Enough. I have worked as a Deputy City Attorney and Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco, special counsel to HUD in the Clinton-Gore administration, and a chief of staff on Capitol Hill. I have been elected 5 times as California Democratic Party Women's Caucus Chair and 7 times to the Democratic National Committee, where I cofounded the DNC Veterans and Military Families Council and serve as a vice chair.


In my service at the Democratic National Committee I have pushed an agenda of campaign finance reform, #metoo politics accountability issues, grassroots engagement, and candidate trainings. I have run and won on an agenda to reform and revive our Democratic Party. I have built relationships and coalitions to advance progressive change on economic opportunity, the Fight for $15, voting rights, climate action, gun violence prevention, diplomacy, women’s rights, criminal justice transformation, and veterans band military families.


I am the author of three books; Campaign Boot Camp, Campaign Boot Camp 2.0, and Amazon bestseller The Nancy Pelosi Way. I have traveled to 41 states and 4 foreign countries conducting “call to service” trainings for thousands of leaders. I am a proud public school mom, and reside in San Francisco, California with my husband, Emmy nominated filmmaker Peter Kaufman, and our daughter Isabella. My fourth book on politics and leadership will be published in 2021.


Yes, I support Christine Pelosi

for DNC Executive Committeewoman!

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